Cris Callaway is a musician and is best known as a rock singer specializing in Metal music. Callaway has collaborated and performed with Acrimonia, Excelsior, Nois, Mojo, Funkenspiel, Loco. He has ...released several albums, songs, concerts, collective online international covers, festivals etc. His styles span from Hard-Rock to Funk-Rock, Metal and Cover Rock being a curious and open mind. He discovered his talent and passion for singing in 2004 for music that he loved since 1995. This was when got to know the perfect and dark harmony of Black Sabbath for the first time and saw it as inspiration. In 2005, he was featured on stage at a local rock festival when he played in front of over 3000 persons with just 17 years of age. Cris Callaway also continue playing across this time with different bands in several countries. In 2018, Callaway move to Germany being part of Loco, a collective of highly experienced and talented musicians hailing from Colombia, Venezuela, and Germany, united by one passion, Rock. The result is a lively, groovy, and never boring mixture of metal and rock.

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